Zurak Cancer Foundation Meets ACT Foundation

The CEOs of Zurak Cancer Foundation, Abdul Samed Zurak and Aspire Coronation Trust (ACT), Ms. Osayi Alile together with Ndifreke Okwuegbunam, Head of Programmes, ACT Foundation met today at Labadi Beach Hotel to discuss the prospects of expanding ACT Foundation’s projects in Ghana. Aspire Coronation Trust (ACT) Foundation is a grant making organization established in 2016 to support local, national and regional non - profit organizations working to address challenges and associated vulnerabilities across the African Continent. Their vision is to leverage relationships to create effective social impact solutions across Africa, with a Mission to build sustainable societies by engaging initiatives that unleash potential and empowers beneficiaries. Their focus areas for intervention are Health, Entrepreneurship, Environment and Leadership. It’s a great pleasure meeting with the ACT Foundation team and we are looking forward to great collaborations on projects soon.

One Year Volunteer Program - Interview Session (Meet The Judges)

Interview Session: Judge One
Abdul Samed Zurak - CEO of Zurak Cancer Foundation, Johnson & Johnson Scholar & One Young World Ambassador.

Interview Session: Judge Two

Emily Sheldon - Director of Health Innovation (Impact Hub Accra) & Africa Lead (Impact Hub)

Interview Session: Judge Three

Ibrahim Rauf - Finance Decision Support Analyst (Vodafone), Head of Prostate Cancer Team & Administrative Director (Zurak Cancer Foundation)

One Year Volunteer Program - Interview Session

We will be glad to invite you to Impact Hub Accra for our Interview Session on Saturday, 25th November, 2017 at 3 PM. Have the opportunity to meet and interact with the Director of Health Innovation Emily Sheldon to explore the prospects of Impact Hub Accra in solving the problems of the society through innovation. Kindly check your email for further details.

One Year Volunteer Program - Shortlisted Candidates

We would like to express our profound to each and every individual who applied for our One Year Volunteer Program. Successful applicants have been shortlisted and further details has been sent via email. We will also give a phone call to the successful applicants. Congratulations & Thank You For Believing In Us!

One Year Volunteer Program - Application Ends


Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Impact

We are so glad for an exciting and wonderful month of great impact for our Breast Cancer Awareness Program. We are highly impressed with the progressions and our drive for high impact solutions to cancer prevalence in Ghana. We would like to express our profound gratitude to SO Social MultimediaSweden Ghana Medical Centre-SGMC,Ghana Technology University CollegeGhana Institute of Journalism and Clottie Muronda for the great support for our Breast Cancer Awareness Programs. We made our impact generations based on our social media reach for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and impact generated from the Breast Cancer Awareness Program in collaboration with So Social Multimedia. Unfortunately, we couldn’t push forward our sub initiative and signature event (Market Invasion) for Breast Cancer due to delays from our partners but all the same we are excited about the impact we keep making into the lives of Ghanaians. Find the breakdown of the impact generation below:
Facebook: 27,7…

One Year Volunteer Program

Next year, we would be providing the opportunity to twenty (20) young people to participate in our endeavors. As part of our transition, we have designed a comprehensive volunteer program for young people who would like to make an impact into their societies. This program is expected to provide the platform for young people to gain first hand experience in organizational management, networking and policy design for high impact initiatives to solve the problems of the society.