Zurak Cancer Foundation Nominated For Ghana StartUp Awards

Zurak Cancer Foundation has been shortlisted for the Ghana StartUp Awards for the Social Enterprise of the Year Category. The Premium Bank Ghana Startup Awards which is in its 2nd year was designed to reward the works and contributions of startups, such as yourself, to the Ghanaian economy and also create a thriving community of startups collaborating and empowering the Startup Ecosystem.

The shortlisting was done by a panel of jury selected from various startup support organizations and partners across the country after public nominations. The Premium Bank Ghana Startup Awards is an initiative of The African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE) sponsored by Premium Bank and in partnership with The HelpStation, KPMG, iConceptsPR, Avance Media, Edel Consult, Kumasi Hive, HapaSpace, MEST, GhanaThink Foundation and TentMaker.

Project Restructuring With The Breast Cancer & Cervical Cancer Team

Leaders of the breast cancer team and the cervical cancer to discuss project restructuring to maximize impact. The meeting which took place at Impact Hub Accra was joined by Emily Sheldon - Head of the Health Innovation of Impact Hub Accra. Zurak Cancer Foundation is incubating with the Merck Entrepreneurial Development Space (MEDSpace) to the hub to scale up its endeavors and maximize impact.

Zurak Cancer Foundation Storms Madina Market On 3rd Anniversary

Zurak Cancer Foundation held another market invasion at Madina Market to commemorate its 3rd Anniversary. The aim of the event seeks to interact with Market Women and educate them about cervical cancer. It is part of Zurak Cancer Foundation's motive to increase awareness about the disease in order to encourage early detection since most of the cancers detected in Ghana are always at stage 4 which is very bad. Moreover, most of the individuals who expressed interest in the initiative were the head porters (Kayayei) and Zurak Cancer Foundation has started working on a module to develop more initiatives to reach out to the Kayayei.

Our CEO Meets With Impact Hub

Our CEO (Abdul Samed Zurak) meets with Tapiwa Nyandoro (Africa Regional Coordinator) and Jocelyn Nyaguse (Africa Communication Assistant) of Impact Hub to discuss the activities of the organization and the prospects of the organization. He also shared his story on his journey to lead the fight against cancer in Ghana and also discussed how best Zurak Cancer Foundation and Impact Hub could partner together to foster health development in Ghana and Africa.

Zurak Cancer Foundation Tours Sweden Ghana Medical Center - SGMC

As part of our 3rd Anniversary, we developed an initiative called "Founder's Diary" on social media to share some our stories to inspire our audience regarding our journey. During the cause of the initiative we share an experience we encountered some three (3) years ago when we visited the Sweden Ghana Medical Center for a tour and we were rejected. Lucky for us, the CEO Madam Janine De Nysschen read our story and she gave us the opportunity to tour the facility in order to have a fair idea on cancer treatment in Ghana and West Africa.

Photos From 2nd Merck eHealth Meetup: The Role of Data in Building Scalable Businesses.


Zurak Cancer Foundation Attends "The Convergence"

Ashesi University to discuss sustainable solutions to the problems facing Africa. Moreover, the event seeks to create a platform for only innovation and creativity that will ensure workable, stable and realistic solutions to Africa's contemporary issues. Also, by facilitating dialogue, the event seeks to map the emerging trends of sustainable innovative solutions and the type of leadership required to deal with issues related to sustainable development.

The Uturn Africa Convergence on Sustainability has emerged with the understanding that only Sustainable Leaders are capable of providing the most appropriate solutions to the present problems of African societies. Uturn Africa provides a platform for debate, analysis and collaboration between current and future leaders interested in discussing sustainable solutions to the regions challenges with innovative lens.

The event is in Partnership with several leading institutions across several countries, including John Hopkins Universit…