Zurak Cancer Foundation Attends "The Convergence"

Ashesi University to discuss sustainable solutions to the problems facing Africa. Moreover, the event seeks to create a platform for only innovation and creativity that will ensure workable, stable and realistic solutions to Africa's contemporary issues. Also, by facilitating dialogue, the event seeks to map the emerging trends of sustainable innovative solutions and the type of leadership required to deal with issues related to sustainable development.

The Uturn Africa Convergence on Sustainability has emerged with the understanding that only Sustainable Leaders are capable of providing the most appropriate solutions to the present problems of African societies. Uturn Africa provides a platform for debate, analysis and collaboration between current and future leaders interested in discussing sustainable solutions to the regions challenges with innovative lens.

The event is in Partnership with several leading institutions across several countries, including John Hopkins Universit…

Zurak Cancer Foundation Meets Visualize

Zurak Cancer Foundation held a meeting with Maria Young (Co-Founder of Visualize) from University of Michigan to discuss about a low-fidelity cervical cancer training model that aids healthcare providers to learn how to screen for cervical cancer using Visual Inspection of The Cervix With Acetic Acid (VIA). Moreover, we were joined by Dr Caryn Agyeman Prempeh to also discuss how best to make the model available to healthcare in order to provide low-cost and effective cervical cancer screening

World Cancer Day On Osu, Oxford Street

On World Cancer Day, Zurak Cancer Foundation visited the Osu, Oxford Street to have an interaction with the public about their perception about cancer. The event which is dubbed "My Cancer Story" seeks to look out for the various stories Ghanaians share about the disease in the country. Also, there are several misconception covering the disease and the event was so fascinating. We were able to draw up some crazy stories from individuals which is very essential to put it out there to tell the world the story about cancer in Ghana.

Zurak Cancer Foundation Invades Nima Market

January is the awareness month for cervical cancer. Zurak Cancer Foundation invaded the Nima Market to educate market women on cervical cancer as part of its awareness program for the month. Ghana has an estimated population of 8.57 millions women ages 15 years and older who are at risk of developing cervical cancer. The current estimates indicate that every year 3,052 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and 1,556 die from the disease. Cervical cancer ranks as the 1st most frequent cancer among women in Ghana and the 1st most frequent cancer among women between 15 and 44 years of age. Moreover, this is due to the prevalence rate of the unknown causative virus for cervical cancer called the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Also, cervical cancer is detected at a latter stage in Ghana due to lack of awareness and regular screening for the disease.

The Zurak Cancer Foundation team had an interactions with the market women this disease in order to test their knowledge and provide them wit…

The "Cervicus Hackathon" With Achievers Ghana

Zurak Cancer Foundation in collaboration with Achievers Ghana developed this initiative to educate young girls in slum on cervical cancer and human papillomavirus (HPV). The event which occurred on Saturday, 28th January, 2017 met with enthusiastic audience of young girls with the slums of Nima. 

The event began with a cervical cancer education program with Dr. Caryn Agyeman Prempeh to educate the young girls on cervical cancer.

During the second session students were grouped into their various teams to pitch their ideas on how to propagate cervical cancer awareness in their communities. Moreover, the activities were categorized into four different activities and they are; drama, poetry, interview and presentation.

Finally, the poetry team emerged winners of the hackathon. They were awarded a certificate signed by Emily Sheldon (Director of Health Innovation, Impact Hub Accra).

Chairman/Founder of Zurak Cancer Foundation Nominated As The Unsung Hero For January 2017

Mr. Abdul-Samed Zurak, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Zurak Foundation has been named the “UNSUNG HERO” for the month of January, 2017.
He received an overwhelming nomination from the general public when nominations were open. Out of the pool of people nominated, the Unsung Heroes Initiative team, after properly scrutinizing the list of nominees finally agreed he best deserved the accolade for the “UNSUNG HERO OF THE MONTH JANUARY 2017”
“THE UNSUNG HERO OF THE MONTH” is a sub-initiative put together by the Unsung Heroes Initiative, aimed at recognising and celebrating young individuals on a monthly basis. After nominating an individual, the Unsung Heroes Initiative team will visit him/her in order to write about their story. The team will also present a citation and other items to the nominated person.
Speaking to Mr. Zurak, he expressed gratitude and commended the initiative for such a wonderful job.
The Unsung Heroes Initiative team will meet Mr. Abdul-Samed Zurak for an in…